EPISODE TWO: New Kenya Project with Dr Zoe Balmforth

In this addition of the podcast we speak to Dr Zoe about the brand new Kenya Elephants, Conservation and Communities Project. If you’re thinking about going on the project you’ll want to hear more about this fantastic opporunity to combine community development with wildlife conservation.

Listen out for that discount!

Listen or download below:

EPISODE ONE: Marine Conservation with Neil Cook

For the first podcast of the year we went with a marine conservation theme. You’ll listen to a discussion with Neil Cook the former Partner Projects Manager here at Frontier Towers. Neil can now be found in Fiji pursuing his passion for the ocean on our Marine Conservation & Diving Project…he’ll be the one in the speedos and custom Oakleys.

There was no talk of beach fashion unfortunatly but instead we discussed the shark attacks in Egypt, the cruel business of “finning” and the problems with Tuna quotas.

You can listen or download below:

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