Travel Writing: Frontier Staff Picks

Continuing this week’s theme of travel literature, Frontier staff have been talking about their favourite travel books. For your chance to win a copy of each of these exciting titles, as well as some other travel writing goodies, keep your eye on our blog this week to find out the details of our latest competition.

Paul Thompson – Partner Projects Manager

The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

This book is set in one of my favourite eras, the 1950’s.  This easy to read fictional rollercoaster carries you through the debauched and hedonistic lifestyle of Paul Kemp, a journalist in Puerto Rico with a taste for rum and a general disdain for authority.  Hunter S. Thompson has a writing style that I like a lot and really captures the mood of what it is to be young and ambitious with the odd vice or two, and to have as much a passion for life as for work, which hopefully most of us can relate to.  A good one for the beach!

Drea Davila – Events and Marketing Intern

Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson

It’s the story of a brave girl called Maia who moves to Manaus in the South American jungle to join her only living relatives, after the devastating loss of her parents in a terrible train accident. She moves in with her uncle, his controlling and selfish wife and spoiled two daughters. Maia embraces this new life and becomes friends with the natives and a half-Brazilian Indian, half-European child called Finn Taverner. Thanks to Finn, Maia sees the beauty of the jungle and together they embark on an incredible adventure. I won’t tell you more because that would give the story away. I liked it firstly because it’s set in the South American jungle. Secondly, because it is the story of a young English girl who moves away to a completely different country, which I can relate to. And lastly, it is just a really fun and inspiring read.

Jo Pollett – Volunteer Co-ordinator

Life on Air by David Attenborough

I found this book fascinating. Obviously he’s a really interesting man having travelled so extensively and witnessed so much of the natural world, but I had no idea about some of the other stuff he’s done, like being made Controller of BBC2. If I could choose an extra grandad, it would have to be Sir David; he’d just have so many stories to tell. For example, his travels to Indonesia where he visited islands that were off limits to visitors and his description of the infamous encounter with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda back in 1978. Great stuff!

By Alex Prior


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