Frontier Style: Overseas Geek Chic

As our avid readers will already be aware, this week’s theme is travel writing. So it is only appropriate that we dedicate our current edition of Frontier Style to the fashion-forward nerds among us, le Geek c’est Chic. Travelling across the globe can be incredibly tiring, so rest your eyes without fear that your modish glasses will be destroyed by the wilderness with a Fun Spex black & red faux leather glasses case. With soft lining to protect your specs and a magnetic clip on the side, this case is practical yet still oozes the phrase Geek wears Prada. It can be purchased for as little as £7.99, and if you don’t fancy the traditional red and black colour trend, there is a wide choice of colour tones to pick from, so get choosing!

Now, one is only a true nerd if along with their various travel essentials they are lugging around numerous hardbacks en route to a wild location. Do not despair fellow literary people, pack Orwell, Larkin, and Tolstoy in this comfortable and yet incredibly trendy Herschel rucksack. Inspired by classic mountaineering, this contemporary bag, aptly named Little America, can carry as many books as you can possibly fit in.

The story of the Herschel bag began in the early 1900’s, in Wick, Scotland where Peter Cormack’s wife, Annie, packed the belongings of their entire home in preparation for their exciting journey across the Atlantic to Canada. The government of the time encouraged families to immigrate through the homestead program. Since then the great grand children of these extraordinary characters gave birth to this classic rucksack, giving it an edgy, modern twist. Adventure and style are effortlessly entwined, making the Herschel bag a perfect travel accessory.

By Nancy Bukasa


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