Project Focus: Sri Lanka Experience

Touchdown at Colombo Airport marks the beginning of the Sri Lanka Experience. This project gives you the exceptional opportunity to visit some of those destinations off the beaten track, from Ambalangoda, a town on the coast of Southern Sri Lanka, to Uppurdi Beach.

In order to ensure that volunteers make the most of what this island has to offer, the project is split up into one-week segments. Each week gives the volunteer the chance to explore a different part of Sri Lanka. The first week introduces the volunteer the island, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the surroundings. Volunteers can sample local produce and learn some important basic phrases they will need during their stay.

The following week gives them the option to volunteer in the community including assisting orphanage work or helping out at a woman’s shelter. As a volunteer this provides you with a feeling beyond those of a tourist that just comes to visit; you will understand the day-to-day events of life in the Sri Lankan communities, and have a positive impact on its members.

In the third week volunteers will have the choice to either discover the spiritual temples of Sri Lanka and its philosophy or trek through the mountains of Nuwara Eliya and cast their eyes upon the variety of flora and fauna in this unique part of the world.

The remaining days will consist of relaxing on the divine shores of this island’s exquisite beaches. Apart from soaking up the sun volunteers will soak up all their wonderful memories, and leave with an entirely different outlook.

One volunteer that took part in this project claimed that her favourite moment of the experience was when she held a baby monkey in her arms as she participated in the River Safari in Ambalangoda. This volunteer was also able to climb Adam’s Peak known as Sri Pada, which is an impressive 7,630 ft in height.

For those who really want to get a unique experience out of this project there is also the opportunity to adorn the idyllic landscape of pristine waterfalls and rolling tea plantations as well as the once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the sun rise at The Worlds End!

“I wanted to see the Sri Lanka that tourists don’t usually get to experience”

“I liked that each week was divided up because you got to fit more in”

“An amazing Sri Lanka Experience!”

“I had the most incredible, unforgettable 4 weeks. I would recommend the project to anyone”


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