10 Films That Inspire Travel

Does cinema inspire you to travel? Here is part one of our pick of the best films that make you want to get out into the world:

10.    Into The Wild

A moving account of how beautiful and yet unpredictable nature can be, Into the Wild is full of the panoramic images of the great outdoors that make you want to throw on your rucksack and get out there. And indeed many have as the bus featured in the story has become something of a pilgrimage for travellers in the Alaskan region.

9.    Eat, pray, love

Eat, pray, love is a film commonly associated with the romcom lovers amongst us. Yet this entry possesses some of the most astounding vistas of Indonesia. The numerous highlights of the exotic locations pan across the screen making anyone watching this film, like the protagonist, want to pack their bags and jet off to some of the beautiful locations our planet has to offer.

8.     7 Years in Tibet

Another film based on an autobiography it tells the tale of an Austrian who escapes a British internment camp in India, travels to Tibet to be welcomed into the holy city of Lhasa where he becomes a tutor of the young Dali Lama. With its wondrous scenery and fascinating culture you’ll no doubt be inspired to escape to Tibet yourself…our projects don’t tend to last seven years though.

7.    City of God

Often violent and occasionally disturbing, City of God gives you an insight into the incredible story of the slums of Rio and some of the colourful characters who have lived there throughout the decades. The incredible culture, the undeniable beauty and the fascinating history are just a few of the reasons why many travel to Rio inspired by this film.

6.     The Motorcycle Diaries

An absolute must-see for all of those embarking on our South America trail, the motorcycle diaries documents a young Che Guevara and his companion as they travel from Argentina to some of the most uniquely beautiful locations on the continent. One of the most popular travel books, this film perfectly encapsulates Che’s account of the experience with a richness and detail that is wholly inspiring.

Join us for part two on Friday, if you think we missed one why not comment below or on the Facebook.


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